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About me
Posted by: 鈴木並木 SUZUKI Namiki (→Profile)
Suzuki Namiki

A blogger.
Born in 1973, currently living in Tokyo.
Loves any good movie. (old/new, eastern/western, fiction/doc, live-action/animation)
Also love to talk about it.
I especially am interested in how Japanese cinema is received in other countries and love to "export" it in my position as blogger.
Any information or offer regarding this is welcome.
(Please note that I have few professional connection to the movie industry.)

You can contact me at: suzukinamiki(AT)

Also, follow me on Twitter here where I tweet mainly in Japanese and seldom in English.

* Entries in English (so far):
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- Yamagata will not be televised: For those who hasn't been to Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival [--> here]
- Bridging the Gap between Shochiku and Iwanami: On Hani Susumu's "A Full Life" [--> here]
- Where have all the waves gone?: An introduction to Iwanami Nouvelle Vague [--> here]
- The liner notes for the soundtrack CD "Yaju Shisubeshi" [--> here]
- 2, 3 or 4 directors I'd like to know much more [--> here]
- Anybody seen that black sun? [--> here]

- Interview with Nobuhiko Obayashi conducted by me on Eigagogo [--> here]

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